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Welcome to my website

I'm Andrew Bingham and I'm delighted to represent the High Peak in Parliament.  I was born in the High Peak, and having lived here all my life it means a great deal to me to be able to stand up for our area in Parliament and make sure that local people have a strong voice in Westminster.

On this website you will find how to contact me as well as examples of some issues and campaigns I've been involved with.  There are also links to local organisations and other local information which should be of use to you if you live in the constituency.  If you are a constituent and would like to get in touch, I would be very happy to hear from you.  I hold regular surgeries all around the constituency but if you are an organiser of a local group, a teacher at a local school, or involved in a local business which you feel would benefit from a visit please let me know.


Andrew meets Member of the Youth Parliament for the High Peak

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High Peak MP Andrew Bingham met with Lucy Boardman, the High Peak Member of the Youth Parliament, last week. They discussed the Living Wage and other matters around Parliamentary life and what being a Member of Parliament was like.

Lucy has recently visited Parliament and spoke in the House as part of the Youth Parliament day, when the Youth Parliament decided to pursue the issue of the Living Wage.

Andrew said:

"I was extremely impressed with Lucy and how she articulated the subject and the work she had put into the role as MYP. We had a long discussion around the Living Wage and also the life of an MP and how parliamentary democracy works.

"I am always pleased to see younger people taking an interest in politics as it is so important that politicians like myself go the extra mile to engage with younger people, either pre or post 18.

Andrew, who had the previous day taken part in a hustings at Buxton Community School, added:

"I find that lots of young people are interested in politics but turned off by party politics, and I'm always the first to encourage them to get involved. After all, they will be the next generation of elected representatives."

Lucy said:

"Meeting with Andrew Bingham and having the opportunity to discuss the UK Youth Parliament and British Democracy was an absolute pleasure. It was extremely inspirational to hear about his work as our local MP and this has encouraged me to continue pursuing my interest in politics. I would like to thank him wholeheartedly for taking the time to meet with me, as it was a truly fantastic experience!"


Mottram Moor link road today gets the Go Ahead from the Chancellor

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has today given the go ahead for an initial scheme of at least £170 million to resolve the traffic issue through Mottram and to build a link road to Glossop. The Government will also consult on whether to extend the proposed scheme to relieve pressure on Tintwistle as well.

The road network at the east of Manchester has required further investment for a number of years. The town of Mottram suffers from high traffic levels, while the residents of Glossop are hampered by poor access to Manchester and the motorway network.

In addition to the works announced today, there will also be a study into the possibility of a tunnel under the Peak District to link Manchester with Sheffield. This could potentially cut a large amount off the distance between two of the most important cities of the north. It would also create a weather-proof route across the Pennines which would have a dramatic effect on the economy of the north while removing 10,000 vehicles a day from the Peak District national Park.

George Osborne said:

‘Better infrastructure in the North of England is a key plank of the Northern Powerhouse we Conservatives want to build. That is why today I am committing at least £170 million to address traffic issues through Mottram and build a brand new link road for the people of Glossop. These projects have been brought to my attention by the hard work of Andrew Bingham, the Conservative MP for the High Peak, who has championed the need for vital investment in the road network in his constituency. For years the road network east of Manchester has suffered from neglect, but with a strong Conservative voice for the area and a government that's fixing the economy, we are now able to commit to funding these improvements with the jobs and opportunities that will bring’.

Local MP Andrew Bingham said:

"I am delighted with the news and would like to thank the Chancellor for his announcement. This is key to the local economy for Glossop and the surrounding area and also the connectivity between the northern cities. I have campaigned long and hard for this, and with the consultation on a further extension to help residents in Tintwistle it is a great day for the High Peak‎. After years of disappointments and false promises I am delighted that it is a Conservative Chancellor who has at last committed to solve this long running issue for my constituents."

The work announced includes:

  • Building of the Mottram Moor link road. A new dual carriageway link road from the M67 terminal roundabout to a new junction north of the A57(T) at Mottram Moor and a new single-carriageway link from there to the A57(T) to bypass Mottram.
  • A57(T) to A57 link road. A new single carriage link from the A57(T) at Mottram Moor to a new junction on the A57 at Brookfield, bypassing the existing A628/A57 and A57 Woolley Lane/Hadfield Road junctions.

This investment is part of an ambitious £15 billion plan to increase the capacity and improve the condition of roads across the country.


Andrew gets PM’s assurance about traffic scheme

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Local MP Andrew Bingham has gained an assurance from the Prime Minister that a future Conservative Government would deliver the Glossop Spur road.

The assurance came after Andrew got the chance to ask a question at the last PMQs before Christmas. He asked the Prime Minister:

“The recent announcement about the building of the Glossop spur, and the consultation to extend the bypass around Tintwistle, has been widely welcomed across my constituency. There is, however, some scepticism about it actually happening, given that the previous Labour Government shelved their scheme in 2009. Will my right hon. Friend reassure me and my constituents that a future Conservative Government can be relied on to deliver that scheme?”

The Prime Minister replied:

“I can certainly give my hon. Friend that assurance. I know that he has campaigned tirelessly to improve roads in his High Peak constituency, and the trans-Pennine routes are vital. We can give that assurance because we have a long-term economic plan that is delivering the economic growth that we need and seeing our deficit come down. Because we have made that success, we can commit to these road schemes.”

Afterwards, Andrew said:

“I’m naturally very pleased that the Prime Minister gave such an unequivocal assurance that if elected in 2015, a Conservative Government would deliver this.

“I know that there has been some scepticism since the announcement about whether it will actually happen, and I can understand that, given that the previous Government formally cancelled their scheme in July 2009 and earlier schemes were also scrapped. However, I strongly believe that the Government have done everything they can – including committing the money – to assure people that a future Conservative Government will get it built.”

Andrew added:

“If I am still the MP after the General Election in May, I will continue to push hard to see it gets built as soon as possible, as well as fighting for the extension to Tintwistle so that residents of the village also see the benefit from this.

“I can assure all residents, both of Tintwistle and the rest of Glossopdale, that while I am delighted to have got the assurances we have, this is still work in progress to me. We need to engage all of the Glossopdale area with the consultation when it takes place, in order to get the extension. As long as I am the MP for the High Peak I will not rest until we see the road built.”


Andrew joins an army of volunteers to help transform Serpentine Walk

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Local MP Andrew Bingham joined over 130 local Nestlé Waters employees, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust supporters, Buxton schoolchildren and members of the community as they descended on Serpentine Walk opposite the Pavilion Gardens on Thursday last week to take part in Nestlé Waters first ever ‘Get Better with Nature’ Community Day of Action.

The army of volunteers were joined High Peak Borough Councillors and other local community groups to create a new wet meadowland habitat in the famous town landmark. In addition to enhancing the local wildlife, the day’s activities helped residents to gain a better understanding of the importance and value of nature.

Hosted in partnership with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and High Peak Borough Council, the event saw community members clear away dead wood, grass mowings and scrub as well as plant nearly 600 bluebell and wild garlic bulbs as well as other wetland meadow plants. The result is the creation of a new wetland meadow for generations of Buxtonites and visitors to the park to enjoy.

In order to better understand how interacting with nature can have physical, mental and social benefits, participants took part in additional interactive activities such as wildlife observation and natural art creation, even contributing to make a 39m2 Get Better with Nature logo using organic material found on site. Two additional pieces of nature-inspired artwork depicting dewpond and meadow habitats were also created by children from Burbage Primary, Buxton Junior and Dove Holes primary schools. These will now sit in Pavilion Gardens for three weeks to stand as a reminder of the day’s activities and achievements.

Sian Chapman, Corporate Communications and CSV Manager at Nestlé Waters, said:

“We’ve been absolutely thrilled by the number of volunteers we’ve had at our first Day of Action. The level of commitment and buzz from Buxton residents as they worked to create this permanent fixture in this local landmark has been inspiring. As a water-centred business, health and nature - with the promotion of careful water stewardship and the protection of unique water sources - are at the heart of who we are. The work this community has done here today is an important reminder of the value of nature and the services it provides, and that it’s easy to for all of us to make an impactful difference right in our own backyards.

Matthew Croney, Director of Living Landscapes at the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, said:

“Only by working together can we restore our wildlife habitats to create a truly living landscape.  So we were delighted that so many people turned out to help one of our most threatened habitats, wet hay meadows, and it was great to see people having so much fun doing it! We hope that everyone will take inspiration from today’s event and continue to get out there to do their bit for their local environment.”

Andrew said:

"I was delighted to take part in the exercise today. It was good to see Nestle Waters, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, and the community working together, with local schoolchildren planting the bulbs.

"I look forward to seeing the bluebells blooming next year, when the children will see the results of all their hard work."

The Get Better with Nature campaign is a collaborative, long-term programme aimed at helping raise awareness of the value of nature and its services to health, wellbeing, communities and businesses across the UK. It looks to encourage them to make a positive difference literally, and figuratively, in their own backyards. With a focus on water in the landscape, the activities of the campaign also include educational materials with open forums for discussion, involving local schools, individuals, community groups and Nestlé Waters and Wildlife Trust employees.

The campaign was launched in September this year following research which showed that 93% of local Buxton residents understood the value of nature to society and health, but that nearly two-thirds of respondents thought this appreciation was being lost between generations.

For more information on the campaign, future activities or to become involved please visit


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